B.O.S. C 15/350 or tile effect roofing is profile sheet which is the best option for roof covering due to its aesthetic characteristics as well as simply and quick installation. Colour and length could be chosen based on customer needs.

NOTE: Colours from screen or printed materials could differ from real ones. Please see real sample of colours before purchasing.


Coverage Width 1100 x 350 x 15 mm
Material thickness 0.5 – 0.6 mm
Length Unlimited
Use Roof cover


Thickness of the sheet (mm) Weight kg/m2
0.5 4.530
0.6 5.436

  1. Base color 25μ
    The external application of the base color is 3.5x thicker than the inner layer
  2. Zinc coating 140g/m2
    The sheets are mutually coated with zinc
  3. Steel sheet 0,5mm
    The core of each of our products is a top quality sheet of 0.5mm thickness and hardness DX52 and DX53
  4. Base color
    All roofing and facade linings are painted on both sides with high quality polyester paint
  5. Anti-condensation Felt
    There is also an optional DR!PSTOP felt layer that prevents condensation and leakage inside the building.