Welcome to B.O.S. Kompani!

Our company integrates production of sheet metal products, selling and processing of different elements from ferrous metallurgy (also known as black metallurgy) such as pipes, profiles, sheet metal etc. and service activities at the other side.

Construction sheet metal

Production of construction sheet metal is production of roof drainage system indeed.

Građevinska limarija

Profile sheets

Profiled metal sheets are used in construction as roof and facade coverings.



B.O.S. Kompani has separately located service department which is also part of the whole system. This department offers different kinds of services to the customers such as cutting and bending of materials as well as the CNC gas cutting according to the customer specifications.

  • Construction pipes
  • Sheet metals
  • Profiles
  • Knitted Wire Mesh
  • Expanded Metals
  • Lattice Treads
  • Pipes for greenhouses
Stovariste 50